Autocon can be seen as a gathering of car enthusiasts rather than a car show. Several communities of all different make and models gather under one roof to display their life’s work.  Infiniti, BMW, Benz, Honda, Subaru, almost any make you can think of, it’s there at Autocon. For Autocon 2018, we brought out our latest wheel line up to show. We also had the pleasure to be joined by Sepan and his one of a kind Infiniti Q60RS. We arrived at the Los Angeles Convention Center, South Hall, to setup at 8:00 AM.


To say that Sepan’s Q60RS is all show and no go would be a complete lie. We can’t disclose what’s done or how much power he’s pushing but let us tell you this, GTRs will tremble. The Q60RS is one of a kind as it is the world’s first Q60 to feature Infiniti’s Black-S front bumper. This bumper was not a bolt on piece purchased from the dealer, as the Black-S is not even available, but the bumper itself was molded by Sepan himself. His choice of sporting our RF1.3 in the Gloss Black Tinted Face was no mistake as it fits in with his theme. Sepan is a man with attention to detail, you can instantly tell that by just looking at his car. Everything done to it has a purpose and was not just done just because he wanted to say it’s modified.


Rare cars and one of a kind cars were seen all-over the convention. You can tell that these cars were built with passion and love for the automotive culture. LTMW also made an appearance with a couple of their sexy builds.



We also met up with Nick, owner of this one of a kind Challenger with a wide body kit sporting our Vertini RF1.3. Nick is running a unique sport/race theme on his Challenger, something you don’t see too often. With the addition of his rear wing spoiler, the car kind of reminded us of the Plymouth Superbird! His RF1.3 set is custom coated Brushed Bronze and is 22” all around.



We also can’t forget about Al & Ed’s Dodge Charger with our 22” Full Slate Gray Dynasty Wheels. The sound system is killer, something you would have to hear in person. Of course this is expected with the work coming from Al & Eds.


A lot of beautiful builds throughout the show, definitely something worth checking out for you guys who have never been to Autocon!





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