All American Dream Ford Mustang | RF1.6 Gloss Black Tinted Face

The Ford Mustang is the epitome of the American Sports Car. Stylish, powerful and sporty, the Mustang offers everything you can expect from an All-American vehicle. Sean is the owner of the Black 2016 Mustang GT California Special Edition shown here. The California Edition comes with a different upper and lower grill, as well as a pedestal spoiler and a larger front splitter. He tells us that when he first moved to the United States in 2004, he saw a Blue Mustang GT rolling by and he instantly fell in love. Since then it was his life mission to get into a Manual Transmission Mustang GT.


When Sean was in the market for wheels, he knew he needed a specific fitment for his vehicle since he won’t be lowering it due to the bad roads in his area. He chose to go with our Vertini RF1.6 because they were Rotary Forged and it offers a wide variety of widths and customizable offsets. The Vertini RF1.6 is offered in 20×9, 20×10, 20×10.5 and 20×11 widths and offset range is from 15 to 45. Sean went with the 20×9 +30 for the fronts with 275/35/20 and 20×10.5 +45 in the back with 315/35/20.


Sean enjoys his Mustang very much as it’s a wonderful Grand Tourer. He plans on doing some exhaust work as well as Ford Performance Track Handling Package in the future.





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