Audi A4 S-Line| RF1.1 Brushed Silver

The A4 has been Audi’s pride and joy as it is their top seller. With over 5 generations on the line, Audi knows how to build a fantastic platform as it is stylish and an affordable luxury vehicle. Their more recent platform the B8, was released in 2008 and later facelifted in late 2012 and was called the B8.5. Alex Surti is the owner of this 2014 B8.5 Audi A4 S-Line. Surti has always been a fan of Audi vehicles because of their styling and interior design, it his stepping stone dream car.


Alex’s A4 is running our Vertini RF1.1 in the Brushed Silver Finish. With an aggressive fitment of 20×10 +40 all around, he needed a 255/30/20 tire to stretch enough for fender clearance. His goal was to have the wheels sit in line with the fenders while having ZERO poke, and he achieved it! Alex picked the RF1.1 wheels because of its 10-spoke design. He especially loves the details on the spokes.


On top of our RF1.1 wheels, Alex equipped his B8.5 A4 with the RS4 Honey comb grill to give it that racer look as well as Carbon Fiber splitters around the entire car. His A4 is currently lowered on Solowerks coilovers as well. Overall, Alex is very happy with the execution as it is sitting very elegantly and classy, but at the same time aggressive.





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