Honda Accord | RF1.1 Brushed Silver

The Honda Accord has always been America’s go to for a reliable and fuel efficient family sedan. One reason it dominates the aftermarket scene has to be because of its design. Compared to many of its family sedan competitors, the Accord stands out with its distinctive body lines and fashionable standard features it offers.


Joseph Sosa is the proud owner of this 2014 Honda Accord Sport. Sosa had previously owned a 1993 Lexus SC300 but gave up the rear wheel drive lifestyle because he fell in love with the Accord’s styling and the great MPG it offered.


Joseph wanted an aggressive yet functional setup for his Accord is it is on air suspension. He ended up with our Vertini RF1.1 20×10 squared setup in the elegant Brushed Silver Finish. Joseph picked up the set of RF1.1 from his local dealer, Wheel Warehouse in Orange, California. He told us as soon as he walked into the shop, his eyes immediately laid on the RF1.1 and he fell in love. The brilliant Brushed Silver finish had caught his attention.


Joseph tells us that he plans on wrapping the car in the future along with adding a kit. We look forward to seeing more from him!



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