Autocon 2016

This year Autocon kick off our show season for us with a new and larger venue at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  As always we brought out all the wheels, nice cars, and beautiful models.  This year we showcased 3 different cars in our booth with a Mercedes CLS63 with our RF1.1 in brush titanium, our Lexus GS350 FSport with 20×10 all square RF1.1 in brush bronze, and an Infiniti G37 airred out on the all new Dark Knight wheel.  We collaborated with our sister company Stance Wheels to feature a 100’ booth.  As always Autocon is a great show and as always we have a great time working and meeting our fans.













Wide Body Ford Mustang GT on Vertini RF1.1

The 2015 Ford Mustang is a beautiful car to begin with but when Toshi bought it brand new from the dealership he know the last thing he wanted to do was keep it stock.  He built the car with the help of some good friends and almost a year later this Mustang just looks plain mean.  We fitted the car with gloss black Vertini RF1.1 all square 20×10.5 to give it the correct stance to the car with air suspension and now this wide body Mustang is turning heads everywhere it goes in public and social media.


The RF1.1 is one of our newest wheels and the first wheel from Vertini that is using our Spin Forming Technology making this wheel lighter and stronger than a traditional cast wheel.  We are offering the wheels in our brush silver, brush titanium, brush bronze, and brush candy red finishes in both 19” and 20” staggered sizes.


We are also offering the RF1.1 with our Tailor Made program letting the customer choose their bolt pattern, offset, and finish of their wheels to personalize it to their taste and match their vehicle.


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It is always a pleasure attending Bimmerfest for us. We have such a great time meeting with our customers and seeing all the enthusiast that stop by the booth. This year Bimmerfest changed the venue to the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana and gave everyone the chance to run their cars on the track. We were fortunate enough to have 2 really nice M4’s and 1 just as beautiful M3 cars in our booth showcasing our newest designs with our new Spin Flow Forming Process RF1.1 in brush silver and brush titanium and also our new Hellfire wheel coming out later this summer and lastly you can’t forget about our beautiful models saying hi to everyone stopping by and taking pictures.


Vertini Spin Flow Forming Process RF1.1!


Vertini Wheels introduces our new SPIN FLOW FORMING PROCESS Monoblock wheel for 2015. The RF1.1 is the lightest and strongest wheel in our current lineup. Our new wheel is manufactured using the newest and latest German manufacturing process that utilizes pressurized rollers to stretch the wheel to the desired specifications. By doing this we can achieve a lightweight multispoke wheel with pleasing aesthetics and aggressive fitments for European, Asian, and American made vehicles. The RF1.1 will be available in our brush silver face, our new brush titanium, and as well we can custom made colors to our customers specifications..



Vertini SPIN FLOW FORMING PROCESS Series offer tailor made program lets you customize  on bolt pattern, offset and finish. We have  3 Stages on tailor made program.
Stage 1 is simple colors – ex. matte or gloss black, matte ,gloss graphite  gloss white, matte or gloss red, etc.
Stage 2 is more complex finishes – brush texture, candy colors, 2 tone paint schemes, etc.
Stage 3 is  polish , chrome  etc.





  RF1.1 photoshoots!

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  RF1.1 photoshoots!


Vertini Wheels at the Los Angeles Dub Show

This past weekend started the show season for us, we had the honor to show at the Dub Show in Los Angeles.  We collaborated with our sister company Stance Wheels as well as our good friends and vendor Vibe Motorsports to have 2 booths there to showcase our wheels and show cars.  As as always we brought out the best looking models to take pictures with the guest as well as greet people as they entered the booth.  This year we had our newest wheel the Toscani showcased on a 2015 Ford Mustang as well as a 2014 Honda Accord Sport.  We also had our BMW 5-Series there showcasing our Dyanstys in custom velvet blue as well as a fully built Dodge Charger with 22” Dynastys that we custom painted the inner rivets to match the color of the car and calipers.  As always this is a great event for us and a big thank you to Dub Magazine for letting us come out and display.


SEMA 2014 Recap!

   SEMA 2014 Recap   


 2     This year at the 2014 SEMA show, stance wheels show case the new SC-1 that will be available in 19” and 20”. The SC-1 with also be available in the new brush finishes. The wheels will come in standard finishes as well as a fully brush wheel in either our new titanium or candy red.


 3     Stance and Vertini wheels have partnered up to make a new Forged line, VS Forged. Wheels will be available in 19” and 20” in all brush finishes as well as custom finish upon request. Wheels come in at 20 lbs for a 20×10.5. Limited fitments will be in stock for fast shipping. No waiting 4-6 for custom forged wheels.


 4     Vertini showcase its new Toscani wheel and its new Flow Forming FFS 01. Both will be available in 20” fitments. Also we added a new Brush titanium finish to the wheel color line up. The new titanium finish will be coming on the current Milano style wheel first.


                                                                                     2014 SEMA Recap  

Stance SC-1
1. Our New Signature Titanium finish coming on the SC-1 is just one of the many new colors we have for this wheel.
2. We went with a fully brush finish on the SC-1. Barrel, face and inner are all getting the brush treatment.
3. Split 5 spoke design to help cool down brakes and also makes it easier to keep wheels clean.
4. Standard metal cap also with matching brush finish.

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5. Brush wheels will be in stock and ready to go. No more waiting 3-4 weeks for custom finishes.
6. New Brush Gold finish will be available in limited fitments.
7. New Brush Candy Red will be available in limited fitments.
8. Standard Brush Face Silver will be fully in stock. The Silver wheel is the only wheel with just a brush face. The rest of the wheel is our standard silver finish.

The SC-1 will be available in Mid-December. 20” will be available first then following will be the 19”. All finish will be in stock and ready to go for fast and quick shipment.

                                                                                     2014 SEMA Recap  

The collaboration:
              The birth of Vs Forged

Vertini wheels and Stance wheels teamed up to bring forth a new look on forged wheels. Both Companies were born from an obsession to create wheels with both great styling and craftsmanship with the highest standard for quality. With that same passion, they deicide to bring that same passion to create a new Forged line.

What separates us from other forged companies? Well our forged wheels will be in stock in limited fitments for fast and quick shipments.


We have five styles available for your
customer’s personal preference.

Wheels will be available in 20×8.5,
20×9, 20×10, 20×10.5 and 20×11

20×10.5 wheel comes in at 20 pounds.

Titanium Brush
Brush Candy Red
Brush Gold

Custom finished are available, just
contact your local Rep to see wait time.

Limited fitments will be in stock for fast
shipping and same day pick up.


 How to purchase Vs Forged? 
 Looking to become a dealer for Vs forged just contact your Vertini Wheels or Stance Wheels rep for more questions on getting Vs Forged Wheels. 

                                                                                     2014 SEMA Recap  


This year Vertini wheels unveiled its new Toscani wheel, added a new addition to its color line up and a new Flow Form wheel.


 Vertini Toscani: 
 An aggressive 8-spoke design engineered with a inner lip and raised spikes to give it the luxury look know by Vertini wheels. 

The Toscani will be available in Silver Machine Finish and Slate Grey finish. Available early 2015


 Titanium Series: 
 The new titanium series adds a new twist on cast wheels. We are fully brushing our wheels; inner and outer barrel as well. We are added this new finish to our line up. The new Brushed Titanium Finish will be first available on our current Milano style wheel. 


    Flow Forming Series: FFS-01    
Vertini Flow Forming Series is just the newest addition to the 2015 wheel line up. The new FFS-01 will be the lightest and strongest wheel coming out first for the Flow Forming Series.
• Available in 20” staggered widths
• Standard color is Slate Grey; optional & custom colors available
• Forged metal cap          



Brand new for 2015 we would like to introduce the Vertini Toscani.  Developed with an aggressive 8 spoke design the Toscani adds to our growing concave wheel line up.  The design was engineered with an inner lip and raised spokes to give it the luxury look known by Vertini Wheels.  The Toscani will be available early 2015 in the silver machine finish in a staggered 20” setup.